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  • Brian Key : Really You These words sum up the efforts of the OneStep Management Services Pvt. Ltd, which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of mankind.

    Brain-Key DMIT is one of the product of OneStep Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

    In today’s high profile and high tech age, Career is important to each and every person. It is parents’ responsibility to find out the hidden talent of their child and prepare them for their bright future. For this, they should give them good and genuine training and guide their children in the right direction. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is one excellent tool developed to support this fact of life.

    By this test, one can explore a person’s direction of interest and area of strength. Age is no bar for this test because this is a scientific method in which by way of a person’s finger-prints, his/her hidden capabilities can be known which in turn helps a person choose a right direction on the path to achieve his/her goals.

    For the very first time, Brain Key brings to you the DMIT technology in India which is already famous and successful in countries like Australia and New Zealand. BRAIN-KEY Dermatoglyphics Analysis Group is a team of Dermatoglyphics analysts who are applying the latest in computer technology and biological science together to unlock one’s full learning potential and hidden gifts.
    Brain Key also provide training to Dermatoglyphics Consultants in advanced and innovative research methods, undertakes high-quality interdisciplinary research, and disseminates research findings that address significant global challenges.